We have been working closely with some of our clients and partners in the past few months, and today we share the results of these collaborations with the release of three new short films.

Westgreen are currently building new headquarters at Here East, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park for Studio Wayne McGregor and are collaborating on a film project that will focus on the construction process. This preview is a first look at the works that are being undertaken, with the final short being released in early 2017. The filmmaker Ravi Deprees is working with Studio Wayne McGregor and Westgreen on the project.

We have also produced a further two short films with the collaboration of The River Café and Stuart Forbes Associates. The first features the ‘making of’ process of The River Café’s new pastry kitchen. The second film is a conversational retrospective of our relationship with The River Café and Stuart Forbes Associates, which began with the refurbishment of the restaurant in 2008. The filmmaker Marco Zappalà worked with us on these two films, with music by Jason Osborn.

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