“Westgreen couldn’t have been better at bringing our vision to life. They had a refined understanding of our considerations and aesthetic, exemplary execution and were extremely professional throughout. We are delighted with the finished space.” — Sophie Hulme

This seasonal boutique in Mayfair’s Burlington Arcade is a former jewelers, transformed into a contemporary retail store.

During the three-week project, the interior was first stripped back. The bare floor is ply-ed out and overlaid with a geometric design in three shades of oil stained cork. A new suspended ceiling echoes the floor diagonals with a gloss and emulsion finish, inlaid with 48 new lights and forming the curtain pelmet as part of the shadow detail.

The walls hold new casement displays and new tables and plinths are constructed from recycled white shirt and denim fabric over a timber base, with laminate finish.

Photography: Joseph Asghar