Westgreen have collaborated with the ICA on the refurbishment of their space at The Mall in the heart of London. These works are a part of a masterplan aiming to optimise the available space and to reveal details of the original building and the refurbishment works dated from the 1960s.

A good part of the intervention consists of soft strip works and reconfiguration of spaces. The works carried out have allowed ICA to move their book shop to a more prominent position by the reception and public entrance, as well as creating a new KIOSK space and a refurbished café, all located on the lower ground floor.

The client is engaged in a long-term transformation where interventions will be carried out over time, keeping the centre open as usual for visitors. This has been addressed by our site team, while accommodating the client’s needs and the constraints of working within a space that remains open to the public.

Photography: Joseph Asghar