Westgreen are appointed as the main contractor for the construction of the award-winning Duke of York Restaurant, having commenced works on July 3.

This new landmark project for the Duke of York Square (Chelsea) will be completed in October 2018. The planned development involves the dismantling of existing cafe and piling/excavation to construct a single story basement plus ground floor and open landscape roof terrace. The project ties a contemporary design with the site heritage, represented by the Grade II listed wall of the Duke of York Headquarters.

One of the design’s main features is the spiraling precast concrete incorporating descending curved glazed screens. Openings in the walls will form a colonnade for sheltered outdoor seating and the retractable glazed panels will make it possible to open up the indoor space during the summer. A staircase will wind around the exterior to lead visitors up to the public space located in the roof garden.

The design was recently awarded with the New London Architecture Award in Hotels & Hospitality category.

Within the next few weeks, Westgreen will be erecting the permanent printed dibond hoarding, dismantling the existing cafe, removing stone paving and comencing services diversions.

The project can be followed on its official website www.cadogancafe.co.uk.

Visuals courtesy Nex Architecture.